Regional Team

USTSA established a new "Regional Team" in 2010 and plans to continue this team into the future.  The intent of the Regional Team is to recognize athletes, of any age, that have demonstrated a commitment to the sport of telemark racing and continue to improve their skills.  Some Regional Team members will have a long term goal of being selected as a member of the USTSA A, B or Development Team. Other Regional Team members may be retired National Team Members that want to stay involved in the sport or USTSA members who exhibit a passion for the sport and have already been an ambassador for telemark racing.

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2013-2014 Regional Team Members:

Larry Bosche - Berkeley, CA

I have been skiing since age 5 and have always wanted to race.  As a child I skied with the family at Sugar Bowl in the Sierras.  I learned to telemark during college back in the days of leather boots, flimsy bindings and narrow double-camber tele skis. This involved a lot of falling but it was also lots of fun and I was hooked.

After marriage and kids, I came to the realization that ski weekends were the ultimate family outings.  The kids liked the ski programs at Squaw Valley my wife, Tracy, loves skiing and I enjoyed race training on teles with the Squaw Masters. With my son Parker, age 12, racing and my daughter Annie ,age 9, skiing beautifully I have become gripped by the world of ski racing whether telemark or alpine. I enjoy the camaraderie and the competition at the Telemark Nationals and I look forward to participating again next season.

I love the feeling of carfing a telemark turn and going fast.  I very much like alpine skiing but for me the telemark turn feels even better.  Telemark is a more dynamic move as it is similar to performing a series of lunges whereas alpine is more like a set of squat reps.  I guess the easy way to describe it is to say that I like lunges.  But really telemark skiing and racing feels different and it feels great.  For me it is kind of like the difference between hearing your favorite music in mono vs. hearing it in stereo.

The racers and organizers are great people and the events are really fun.  Everyone supports each other and cheers each other on which makes for a great atmosphere.

When off the snow I am a wine consultant in Berkeley, CA working primarily with individual collectors helping them buy and sell and manage their collections.


Julie Brown - Perkinsville, VT

I first learned to telemark 20 years ago on double cambered skis and leather boots.  It was love at first run!  Since then I have enjoyed skiing with my husband and three children in Vermont.  I am an assistant kindergarten teacher, a graduate student, a small farmer, and a homemaker.  My family cheers me on at Kare Anderson's ski race once a year at Bromley, Vermont for a day of fun and with fellow telemarkers.  I participated in the National Championships this past winter in New Hampshire and was again reminded of the thrill of racing.  Telemark skiing is graceful, exciting, and peaceful all at once, and I am looking forward to being an ambassador for the sport in Vermont.  Thank you USTSA!


Chip Dorroh - Cascade, ID

I started skiing in the 1960`s in Lake Tahoe when I was in junior high. Heavenly was my home hill. I had hand me down skis with bear trap bindings and leather boots (I needed to wear 3 pairs of socks to fit I them). I grew tired of lift lines and made the switch to Cross Country skis in the mid 70`s.  

I went to University in Edmonton Alberta, thinking of working in the Forestry/Fish and Game field. I met B. Alan Mackie at that time and spent a year apprenticing with him, building log homes, in Prince George BC.  I went on to work in Colorado building log and timer frame buildings, but not skiing. I ended up going to Idaho in 1982 to check out the backcountry and have been somewhere in the backcountry ever since.                                  

I started skiing again two years ago at Brundage Mountain in McCall, Idaho. I had no idea how far Telemark had come in the last 37 years. I had new gear and no idea what to do. I went on line and found the USTSA site. Wow! I just had to try. I went to Loveland Colorado and skied with USTSA Coach Ty Upson, and team members, Madi,Tanner ,Zoe, Rick, and Jack for a few days and was totally hooked. I met another team member, Chris Henery who lives near me and now spend my time trying to keep up ripping around Brundage.


Scott Edgerton - Missoula, MT

I grew up skiing on the east coast starting in the teen age years.  In the 1980's I switched to tele skiing while ski patrolling in Utah.   I moved to Montana in 1987 and have been telemark skiing ever since and discovered racing about 6 years ago.  I love skiing in a fast, precise and controlled manner which are all required of telemark racing.  My other interests include running rivers, mountain biking, traveling and photography.


Nathan Fogell - Allenstown, NH


I began alpine skiing at a very young age through an elementary school ski program at Gunstock, and continued to ski (alpine) off and on through high school and college. Skiing was never a very "big" sport for me as I was always busy during the winter playing basketball in high school and track & field in college. My first look at Telemark skiing was while skiing with my fiancee Sara Ellen Godek in 2010. I decided in the early winter of 2011 that I would give Telemark skiing a try and purchased boots and a pair of telemark skis on ebay. After 2-3 days of struggle I began to get the hang of it and was hooked. I skied almost every morning that winter at Gunstock and by the end of January I was entered into my first telemark ski race at Kare Anderson's race in Bromley, VT. I then articipated in the 2011 National Championships at Gunstock and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. 

I am looking forward to being an ambassador for the sport of Telemark racing on the East Coast while learning and improving my technique. Outside of skiing I
work as an Athletic Trainer for Professional Physical Therapy Services in Concord, NH, as well as ski tuning at S&W Sports in Concord, NH.


Tabi Freedman - New York, NY




Tim Lukens - Barrington, RI

Raised in Florida and Oklahoma, I currently live in Barrington, Rhode Island with my wife and kids. I grew-up skiing on yearly family ski vacations throughout the Rockies until moving to New Hampshire in the mid ‘90’s to attend Plymouth State University. I started teaching alpine and adaptive skiing at Loon Mountain after two consecutive hundred-day seasons, and became heavily involved with PSIA. I was introduced to Telemark skiing by an adaptive ski instructor in ‘99, and was hooked after spending two weeks learning the Telemark turn in leather boots and skinny skis. My first racing experience was at the 2012 Telemark National Championship in Gilford, New Hampshire. It was great to experience the competitive but supportive environment of Telemark racing, and I am excited promote the sport through Regional Team this year.

Jody Miller - Buffalo, NY

I started skiing the frozen hills of Western NY in the early 70's on leather boots and bear trap bindings.  Little did I know then that all I had to do was remove a few small screws on the cables and I would discover my true ski passion.  Telemark!  It was not until years later that I was introduced to telemark skiing.  One day at my local hill a fast tele guy came up and introduced himself as Andy Minier.  I did not realize at the time that I was invited to start tele racing by a perennial US Telemark Ski Team member.  Andy's passion for the sport, guidance, and the absolute blast I had in the gates hooked me.  I try to compete every week in the masters leagues and frequently race with Telemark Ski Ontario friends north of the border.  I was successful in winning the overall race series title this season and look forward to representing our side once more this coming season.  In the off season I spend my time cycling and racing sailboats.

As has been said many times before, the turn is most pleasing, both visually and physically.  The burn is invigorating and humbling all at the same time.  As a new member of the regional team, I look forward to sharing the passion and bringing the sport to others as it has been brought to me.

Norm Miller - Rochester, NY


I began on skis when I was 9 yrs old, family outings every Sunday after church in the woods and hills surrounding our town fueled the passion of what would become for me a true passion of life.  Challenging terrain was always the goal on those skinny little Trak skis then, creating that urge in adulthood to ski beyond the groomed tracks of resorts.  

Over the past 15 years, Telemarking has been my mode of travel in the winter in the beloved Adirondack mountains, challenging myself and the equipment to see just how much you can conquer.  This has lead me into another discipline in the skiing world, racing.

After being chided by my brother for many years, I decided to give the racing a go and have really enjoyed the challenge of incorporating all those things learned in the woods to the race course.  I'm honored to have been chosen to be on the regional team, and hope to help grow the sport in the coming years  for the benefit of the great sport of telemarking.


Bill Pammer - Bethel, NY

I was born and raised in the Catskill Mountain Area in Upstate New York.  I started alpine skiing when I was in grade school.  My parents introduced me to cross country skiing when I was in High School and I subsequently shifted my focus from alpine to cross country which involved recreational club skiing.  In 2002, thanks to my brother, I was introduced to telemark skiing and subsequently took a clinic at Mt. Hood during the summer of 2003 to get the basics.  I completely fell in love with the sport because of the freedom of movement and the camaraderie of the telemark ski community.  Between 2005 and 2010 I started doing local NASTAR races and race clinics to make things more interesting and challenging.  The great thing about telemark skiing is you are constantly learning and improving.  In addition, the interaction with other USTSA ski members allows you to learn from others and receive constructive feedback to further improve your racing skills and execution of course strategy.  My other interests include kayaking with my wife, Denise, free skiing with my nephew, Aidan, biking and hiking.  

Keith Rodney - Mount Snow, VT

I began my alpine skiing racing career in college in central Vermont in 1989. I then moved to southern Vermont 1991 years later to teach skiing at Mount Snow. A few years later, in 1994, I decided to transfer to Western State College in Gunnison, CO where I also had the experience of teaching skiing at Crested Butte for 4 years. During this time, I learned to telemark and realized that I loved the sport and wanted to improve my skills.

After graduating from college, I moved back to Mount Snow to be an alpine instructor, staff trainer and pursue a further career in ski instruction with PSIA.

My first exposure to telemark skiing was in Crested Butte. I was enthralled with the way the skiers were moving down the mountain. Once back in New England I started teaching telemark skiing and going to the tele festivals. Finally, in 2009 I became an educational staff member in telemark skiing for Professional Ski Instructors of America. My first exposure to telemark ski racing was at Bromely Mountain in VT. I entered the “Kare Anderson Telemark Race” which was my first race. It only took that one race and I was hooked. The competition and the camaraderie of Telemark skiing is fantastic and unlike any other sport.


Kelsey Schmid-Sommer  -  Whitefish, MT

I raced on the U.S. Telemark A Team from 2006-2009. I had my first son in 2009 and my second son in 2012. Now that my boys are getting a little older,
I would like to be involved again with USTSA. I decided to take a spot on the Regional team with the idea that I can help promote one of the most fun and
challenging ski sports there is, and to continue racing competitively. Note:  Kelsey was a 5 time U.S. National Champion (2006-2010)


Steve Weglarz - Durham, NH


My skiing career began with lace up boots, wood skis and cable bindings when I was 5 years old. My parents took the family to ski hills all over New Hampshire, and liked to say, “the family that skis together freeze together”. Despite the freezing, I loved the sport and continued skiing through high school as co-captain of the ski team and as a full time ski patroller for several years after college. I met my bride at Waterville Valley, NH, and spent the following winter working patrol at Squaw Valley, where I made my first telemark turns. The old-school concept of “earning my turns” as well as the ability to skin out of bounds, get away from the resort and explore the backcountry was very appealing to me!

When we decided to move back East and start a family, I realized that learning telemark would not only make the hills in NH more challenging and develop my strength and balance, but it would also slow me down for the upcoming kids’ lessons. My plan worked out pretty well, and my son Dylan followed my lead, taking up telemark skiing. The unintended consequence: a bittersweet blend of frustration and pride when he now beats me to the bottom. (Obviously I’m making more turns than he does!)

Waterville Valley is still our home resort, and we hope to see more telemark race events here in New England. I continue to promote the sport as a PSIA certified instructor, and look forward to working with the “tele group” at WV’s Junior Seasonal program.



2013 Regional Team Members:

Larry Bosche - Berkeley, CA
Julie Brown - Perkinsville, VT
Scott Edgerton - Missoula, MT
Sara Godek - Allenstown, NH
Mark Haberle- Waitsfield, VT
Garrett Long - Cambridge, MA
Jody Miller - Buffalo, NY
Bill Pammer - Bethel, NY
Keith Rodney - Mt Snow VT


2012 Regional Team Members:

Larry Bosche - Berkeley, CA
Scott Edgerton - Missoula, MT
Chris Henery - McCall, ID
Joel Nylander - Bountiful, UT
Aiden Rohde - Steamboat Springs, CO and Sydney Australia
Katie Ross - Steamboat Springs, CO
Cole Schneider - Whitefish, MT

2011 Regional Team Members:
Larry Bosche - Berkeley, CA
Maggie Doherty - Whitefish, MT
Scott Edgerton - Missoula, MT
Chris Henery - McCall, ID
Andrew Minier - Eden, NY
Birk Larsen - Park City, UT
Garrett Long - Riverside, CT 
Aiden Rohde - Steamboat Springs, CO and Sydney Australia
Erica Ruta - Whitefish, MT
Cole Schneider - Whitefish, MT

2010 Regional Team Members:
Karl Geisler - Reno, Nevada
Josh Lanzetta - New Durham, New Hampshire
Andy Minier - Eden, New York
Joel Nylander - Bountiful, Utah
Nick Resignolo - Breckenridge, Colorado
Katie Ross - Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Cole Schneider - Whitefish, Montana
Max Shefte-Jacobs - Burlington, Vermont